Throwing sling (Shepherd)

580 Kč

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The throwing (also Shepherd) slingshot is a weapon known for millennia. It has found its place in history from prehistory through ancient Greece to the Middle Ages. It is still a common weapon in some places today. With the right technique, it is possible to shoot over 200 meters with it.

Our sling variant has a pocket made of firm but soft cowhide. The straps are braided from three strands for greater durability and flexibility. There is a finger loop on one hinge and a knot on the other, which is released when the shot is fired.

The whole slingshot is treated with a natural leather balm, which protects both the pocket and the straps against hardening and possible tearing.

Hinge length: 65 - 70cm

Pocket dimensions: 17x10cm

Recommended projectile weight: 100 - 200g

The slingshot was also tested on a projectile weighing 250g, but such a heavy projectile exerts a really strong load at centrifugal force, so we recommend you do not exceed this limit too much.