Leather armour - Dragon priest

12 500 Kč

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Hand-sewn armor made of high quality solid thick leather. 4mm leather is used as the base, which is hand-decorated with sign of dragon and natural motives.

All edges are lined with soft, full-grain leather to ensure that armor does not rub anywhere.

The armor consists of two parts that have closing with buckles - an adjustable waist circumference of about 12cm. Likewise, the buckle is on each shoulder.

The entire armor is treated with a skin balm and natural lacquer to increase moisture and sun resistance.


For ordering you need to send your dimensions, which can be found in the file at the bottom of the page (Manikin). After filling in the dimensions directly into the word file, attach it here to your order.

If you wear additional layers under your armor, you must always measure all measurements, including these layers.

CAUTION: The leather is a hand-dyed natural material, so it can always be slightly different in color.

- I produce armor only custom, so it is necessary to count on longer delivery time.

- the total price can be increased proportionally to the amount of used material up to 20€


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