Hnefatafl - viking chess

600 Kč

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Hnefatafl is an Norwegian board game that originated in the 4th century. It was very popular in all of Scandinavia, and because the Vikings took it on their voyages, it soon spread to the places they visited.

Since 1155, all of its versions have been gradually replaced by chess.

Kit includes:

- Leather play pad (pouch)

- 40 playing stones (3 spare)

- Hnefatafl Rules (in Czech language)

The diameter of the play pad is about 30cm

Hnefatafl Rules:


   Players take turns in turns regularly.

   All stones can move like a tower in chess, i.e. orthogonally by any number of free fields. Only the king can enter the highlighted fields in the center and corners of the board, the other stones in their turn can skip the central field if the king is not there.

   If a player closes his opponent's stone between his two stones in his turn, that opponent's stone is captured and removed from the game. It is possible to capture more opponent's stones in one move. However, if a stone enters itself, it is not taken away.

   You can also use the highlighted fields (corners and center field, if the king is not there) to capture opponent´s stone between this field and your stone.

   The King can capture as normal stone but must be surrounded by enemies from all four directions to be captured. Exception is the center, where three sides are to be encircled by the king, with the siege of the fourth closing center field.

   The game ends with the victory of the black (assailant) if he manages to capture the white king.

   White (defender) wins if he brings his king safely out of siege to one of the corner fields.