Custom leather products


Are you interested in getting your own leather product according to your idea? Do you have in mind your own riginal belt, pouch, bag or even armor? In that case just read the following text and we can discuss your specific requirements.

You will find summary of all aspects that you should consider before contacting me (Of course, I can help you, do not be afraid to ask me.).


1, Hair barrette, belt or armor?

    • Knowing what you want is essential. Think about proportions, number of pockets, compartments and purpose of the product.   

IMGP8873.JPG  IMGP7848.png  IMGP9456.JPG

IMGP8572.JPG  IMGP9066.JPG  IMG_20191007_153015.jpg


2, What colour should your product have?

  • Important part of making product is its colouring. And so it is good to think about colour of final product. I have about 18 different colours in my offer, which can be arbitrarily combinated (for example with fladring). Also on your product can be used lacquer (to make it shiny) or it can be just polished with piece of cloth (to make it matt). More Coulours here - LEATHER COLOURS



Combination of fladring and lacquer for leather:



3, Do you want some carving, engraving or decoration?

    • I have many kinds of decorating styles in my offer. Here you can see few pictures from my creation for your inspiration




4, Don’t worry to ask me

    • If you are not sure about something - colour, size, carving etc... I will gladly give you my opinions.   



- Type of product, size, proportions, pockets etc.

- colour, fladring, lacquer, matt

- colour of metals, rivets

- decoration, carving, engraving


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