Orcish shamanic skirt of Nar‘alzben

3 800 Kč

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It is well-known that if an orc wants to enter into a bond, he must bring his chosen one a self-caught wild animal as a gift. The more dangerous, the better, because it demonstrates his fighting skills and aptitude for the protection of the family If a woman accepts the caught animal, it must be removed from the skin, processed and kept as a piece of clothing for the future young. After the baby is born, it has to do so with every other piece of cought animal because it is believed that the baby will be strong and absorb the power of the animals caught. The more a child grows, the more clothes grow with new pieces of skins, furs, fabrics, decorations, etc.

This skirt was made for Argjalen, whose father and mother were Der’valek and Varinakzsa. Argalen's father hunted down dangerous tortoise beast Snapjaw, whose leather Varinakzsa weaved into her son's skirt. As a tribal shaman's son, his life destiny was first to become a disciple, and after many years of study and harmony with nature, the next tribal shaman. He was educated in the art of healing, recognizing and utilizing herbs, mixing and preparing various potions, or even using the basics of shamanic magic.

His studies, however, were suddenly interrupted by an axe thrusted in his skull by a raider of an invading clan of Kar'malen. The village was destroyed, plundered and burned. One of the few things that were found many years after the attack was his skirt that accompanied him from his birth to the sudden and bloody end.

Waist: 80 – 110cm (the largest size of the skirt is 150cm, but must overlap)

Length: 60cm (in the  longest place)