Dragon Grimoire, notebook

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Items with a story, part three – Dragon Grimoire

Dragons no longer exist, everyone knows. From the simplest child to the wisest wizard living at the Invisible University, everyone will confirm it.

However, this was not always the case. Even before the first dragonrider flew from Mount Wyrmberg on his semi-transparent dragon to hunt. Before the first highly explosive domestic mud dragon was bred. At a time when the world was full of unbridled magic and the octarin color was not remotely as rare as it is today. In these ancient times, the country was dominated by dragons - powerful and intelligent creatures.

What they wanted to burn was burned and they kept gathering their treasures in the depths of the sharp mountains - gold, precious stones and other rare items. Many crazy adventurers have tried to retrieve these treasures for themselves, but only a few have returned. And those who came back usually didn't have much chance to enjoy their wealth. After all, if a dragon bites your arm, leg or other part of your body, you will find a lot of treasures ...  somehow secondary. But perhaps it is better to be the richest than the poorest of the cripples.

In an effort to control the dragons and to get closer to their strength, many mages, wizards and knights tried to control them. The dragons that fell into their claws were flogged, chained and tormented, until they eventually became shadows of their past and inferior breeds were formed, such as the current mud dragons.

However, they managed to control and bind one of the dragons in another way. Near the mountains of Überwald, Ryzzerth, a red dragon whose fire had transformed many human dwellings into an ashes, was insidiously bound and sealed by magic. He was supposed to be securely sealed in this grimoire, but as it happens, not everything went according to plan. At the last moment, his flaming breath broke through the barrier they had cast around him during the sealing. He managed to damage the book in which he was bound and the result of his efforts is easy to see. The pages are seared and the locks that were supposed to keep him in place for centuries have been damaged.

So now you can see his red dragon eye and claws on the front of the grimoire that are still trying to break out.

Size: A5
Number of pages: 36